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Monday, March 1, 2010


I have been reading your advices for various people on various incidents. But I never dreamt that I would one day post you with my problem. I am completely lost and broken down thinking about my issue. Please help me with the best of your advices.

I have a girlfriend and we have been in a relation for almost 5 years now. Initially I never had sex with her thinking we have to be an ideal couple. But 18 months back I got an opportunity to go to US on my project work. Before going I turned kinky and asked my girlfriend for some sex which she accepted without saying no. We had it for 8 times in 12 days.

After going to US, I used to chat with her and she used to skip sex topics saying she would be interested if I was beside her. Before leaving to US I knew a guy in her office who used to flirt with her a lot. When I was gone she grew very close to him. Many times she used to tell me that they have been hanging out to movies and restaurants all alone. But I never stopped her because I believed in her. She grew so close to him that she starting hanging up my call when he calls. I also observed that she started giving him a lot of priority than she does to me or even her parents.

When I asked her about that she just said he's her best friend and grew very angry on me. With sources in her office, I came to know that they have turned very close and rumours of having a sexual affair were prevailing. Now I am back and I see that her figure has changed a lot. She is no more that hot as she used to be. Her firm breasts have turned a lot saggy and she has a layer of fat on her belly and ass. I even found a scar on her boob which she says is because of a pin in her blouse. But I feel its a nail mark. There was no change in her diet or regular activities and she says she rarely masturbated. Is the change in her body stats because she has been sleeping with him? Does a girl's body really shape out after having sex regularly? I don't want to ask her directly because if what I am thinking is wrong then I would surely miss her.

How do I get to know what happened when I was gone? I love her a lot and brought lots of gifts for her from US. But, I also don't want to get along with a girl who cheated on me. Please help me how I can solve this problem out.

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